UNE Colleges

Austin College Room

Austin & Earle Page College is a traditional college with the option to be self-catered or have 5 evening meals per week. There is a large communal kitchen and a commercial café adjacent to the dining hall.

Self-catered option: $190.00 p/w. Partially catered option: $245.00 p/w.

Robb College

Robb College residents receive 15 meals (5 breakfasts, 5 dinners, 5 lunches) per week with access to a communal kitchen.

Catered Contract: $390.00 p/w.

Mary White College

Mary White College is located on the academic campus and has a mix of room types with catered and non-catered options.

Rooms from $217.00 p/w.

Wright Village

Wright Village offer shared facilities in 4,6, or 8 bedroom flats.

Rooms from $170.00 p/w.

St Albert's College is an independently owned college please go to their website for further information.

Duval College

Duval College has secure gated grounds with small floors of up to 8 residents with shared bathroom and kitchenette facilities.

5 dinners per week are included.

Room & Dinners from $272.00 p/w.

Wright College

Wright College has self-contained apartments with in-room kitchenettes and ensuite bathrooms, in UNE's newest accommodation buildings.

Rooms from $287.00 p/w.